Fox News, Carol Alt: Mammograms vs Thermography


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Cut and paste or Click on the “Video Link” to view a great video of a Radiologist and a breast surgeon debating the benefits of Thermography vs. Mammography on the Fox News, Carol Alt’s Healthy You show.  Dr. Horner talks about Thermography as an alternate option to a Mammogram or Mammography.  Mammograms are very painful and only screen the area that can be compressed between the plates.  Thermography screens the area up to the shoulders and underneath the arms.  There is no cancer causing radiation. Our reports are always written by M.D.’s.



June 2014 “Science News: “New analysis suggest mammography’s have been oversold”

If 10,000, 50-year old women get annual Mammograms for 10 years;  6,130 will have at least one FALSE POSITIVE of which 940 will have an UNNECESSARY BIOPSY & 5190 will be found CANCER FREE after further imaging tests.  Read the entire article here: