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By Dr. Carla Garcia, D.O.M.

There are many anti-aging options available to keep us looking younger, ranging from Botox injections and face-lifts to chin implants. Micro-needling is now one of the hottest trends in our quest to stay young. It is used to treat and improve conditions like acne scaring, fine lines, wrinkles, loose skin, skin texture, pore size, brown spots, stretch marks, and pigment issues.

Micro-needling is a procedure that uses a pen like instrument to puncture the skin, creating controlled skin injury. This causes the body to respond and create new skin by encouraging the production of collagen and elastin.

Micro-needling has been around in one form or another for over 20 years. It is becoming a greater part of skin care practices for most aesthetic professionals. We have been offering the procedure in our clinic for more than four years.

Micro-needling done by a professional is far more effective than “at-home” rollers that do not go deep enough to stimulate the production of elastin and collagen needed to create new skin.

Patients that come to us for micro-needling say that treatments performed in our office are much more effective and thorough than treatments they’ve had at other clinics. We treat the entire face and neck, and carefully pass over each area in multiple directions to make sure nothing is missed. The technique we use also feels more comfortable to the client. We use a 36-pin disposable tip instead of the standard 11 or 12 pin tips and this insures full and deep coverage.

Rather than using inexpensive vitamin C or aloe vera serums during the micro-needling treatment, we use a pure pharmaceutical grade hyaluronic acid serum. Every patient gets a bottle of hyaluronic acid serum to use at home as well.

If you are looking to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, tighten loose skin, reduce stretch marks or brown spot appearance or drastically reduce mild to moderate acne scarring, and look younger now, call (505) 271-6608, to schedule your micro-needling treatment.



We have been offering Micro-needling for over three years with incredible results. While micro-needling is very effective in reducing fine lines, wrinkles, and improving skin texture and quality, we have found that many patients have specific areas that require more aggressive attention. For example, skin conditions like skin tags, moles, dark spots etc. We are finding that when patients have small areas with more problematic conditions the more cost-effective approach is to remove these growths and then use microneedling for general treatments… improving the overall appearance of the skin. To see what a microneedling session looks like please go to the following link to watch the 3minute video that aired on Good Morning America:

Our current micro-needling special is the best we have ever offered, allowing you to have two treatments for the reduced price of $275 (each) and then receive a third treatment for FREE. The micro-needling craze is real. Polls show that micro-needling has a 90% “Worth It” rating on Real Self and an NIH (National Institute of Health) study on Micro-needling showed that more than 80% of the patients rated their treatment as “Excellent” on a 10-point scale. Now you can have the more problematic areas improved through removal of the blemish and/or treat the remaining overall skin with micro-needling. While the recovery time from micro-needling treatments is only a couple of days, the recovery for blemish removal is longer and varies patient to patient.

If you are looking to remove skin blemishes such as Skin Tags, Moles, Dark or Brown Spots and/or reduce fine lines and wrinkles, tighten loose skin or drastically reduce mild to moderate acne, give us a call today at: 505-271-6608 to schedule an appointment or get your questions answered.

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