This is a News story about our Albuquerque clinic that aired on KOB TV News in Albuquerque. This story came about do to the efforts of Newcaster Marla Tellez who interviewed Dr. Garcia at our first clinic in Albuquerque, NM. She was genuinely excited to get the word out to viewers that thermography is a viable option for patients to get important information about their health that is generally not available with other clinical exams.

Our Thermography Camera is a Class l, FDA cleared medical device with 510(k) clearance number K003332.   For questions or appointments call us at


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Each image has more than 80,000 temperatures in it.  The M.D.’s that interpret the images use a very complex software to determine where the issues are present in the body.

The advantages of Thermography  are:

♦ No Radiation

♦ Painless / No Compression

♦ No Cancer Causing Radiation or

    Chemical Injections

♦ 100% Safe for Breast Implants 

♦ Accurate Regardless of Breast Size

Accuracy Not Effected by Dense Tissue

♦ Image Unexplained Pain

♦ M.D. Interpreted Reports


Click on the Image below to view a great video of a Radiologist and a breast surgeon debating the benefits of Thermography vs. Mammography on the Fox News, Carol Alt’s “Healthy You” show.

Dr. Carla Garcia, Dipl.OM


Click on the Image below to learn everything you wanted to know about Breast Thermography: